Summer Wedding at Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Colorado

This beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado wedding was actually the second wedding I had ever shot! Even better, it was only a day after the first wedding I ever shot, haha! The wedding the day before was a very small, intimate wedding, making this my first full wedding day. That being said, I was very nervous going into it.

Michelle, Jordan and I had already hung out once for their engagement session the month before, so I was super excited to hang with them again for their big day! After some truly beautiful moments while getting ready with each of their parents, the pair opted for an intimate first look before the ceremony. Jordan couldn't help but cry when he saw his beautiful bride for the first time, and tbh neither could I!! After sharing a prayer with one another and running around with their besties for bridal party photos, it was time for me to cry again during their ceremony!

In front of the most beautiful floral arch, Michelle and Jordan joined together in worship, said their vows to one another and sealed it with a kiss. Rain clouds were moving in quickly so, after the pair exited the ceremony through a cloud of bubbles, we hurried up the mountain to Horsetooth Reservoir. A ten minute hike later, we were on top of the most epic cliff overlooking the reservoir. As it began to rain, Michelle and Jordan had a moment to themselves to take in the fact that they just got freakin' MARRIED!!! Though it was starting to come down pretty good, the rain only enhanced the scenery.

Muddy and happy, we made our way back down the mountain and drove the short mile back to the reception. By now it was pouring rain and the entire reception had to be moved under the single tent in the backyard. While this might have seemed like a hiccup, it actually made the rest of the night that much more intimate and beautiful. Under the string lights and lanterns in the tent, Michelle and Jordan shared their first dance and then danced into the night with all of their closest friends!

All I have left to say is I am so damn thankful these two took a chance on a rookie photographer and trusted me to capture their wedding day :)