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Snowy Winter Elopement in Masonville, Colorado

Getting ready to leave for this November elopement, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. It has snowed quite a bit the night before and temps were well below freezing! Not only was the weather questionable, I had never been to the Masonville or met Lindsey & Kurt before so I was a little nervous!

To say I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Lindsey's Mom's home is an understatement. The previous day's snow still looked brand new and perfectly white, making the beautiful home stand out even more! Inside was the mountain house of everyone's dreams and a few members of Lindsey & Kurt's immediate families. Sleeping on the couch was the cutest four-month-old babe you have ever seen in your life!!

In the backyard, family members worked together to create a beautiful ceremony location in the snow with shrubs from their yard, a few lanterns and two small benches. The simplicity fit the setting and the couple perfectly!

Down the street, Lindsey, Kurt and Baby Jack and I snuck away for some pre-ceremony photos! Let me tell you... These. Photos. Are. EVERYTHING!!! I knew as we were taking them that I would need to edit them immediately when I got home!

It was almost dark by the time we made it to the ceremony, so the temperature must have been below 10 degrees because holy smokes it was COLD! My fingers were barely working and my nose felt like it was going to fall off, but I did not care a bit! As the most intimate ceremony I have ever captured, it was one of my absolute favorites.

The ceremony was followed up with cocktails, dinner, champagne and, my favorite part, a sparkler-lit first dance! I said goodbye feeling grateful to have experienced Lindsey & Kurt's best day and a newfound love for the cold!