Self Portraits

Oh hey, It's me!!!

One of my 2020 resolutions was to be more creative, and to become more comfortable being the girl in front of the camera rather than just behind the camera. I have to say, it's probably been my favorite resolution so far! More than that, it has honestly helped me to see myself in a whole new light.

As I'm sure we all have, I sometimes look at myself and don't love what I see. I spend so much time working to capture the essence of my clients and making others feel and recognize their beauty. It finally occurred to me that I should do the same for myself! Taking self portraits can be tough as we are all our own worst critics, but I truly feel more confident and proud of who I am being able to see myself through my camera lens and as the world sees me.

If you need a little extra dose of self-love, are celebrating a momentous event or just want to have a little fun, I would love to take your portraits!!!