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Elegant, Modern, Candlelit Wedding at The Surf Hotel in Buena Vista

Ashley & Sasha met in the summer of 2020, the height of the pandemic! While the world around them was undoubtedly in complete chaos, they found something beautiful and planted the seeds of their now blooming love. They shared their first dance in an empty ballroom, got spontaneous tattoos after a few influential drinks, took their first trip as a couple to Aspen, and stayed up countless nights ignoring the movies they chose to watch.

After months of preparation around a holiday trip to Europe, on Christmas night Sasha finally got down on his knee along the bank of the Seine overlooking the Notre-Dame de Paris and asked Ashley the most important question of his life... Happily, her answer made him the most overjoyed man in the world and intertwined their paths forever.

Their wedding day was an elegant mountain chateau wedding at The Surf Hotel in Buena Vista, Colorado. Ashley's pearl-accented dress was a showstopper, along with the use of all black candles in place of florals! Ashley even payed homage to Sasha's Russian roots by attempting to say a portion of her vows in Russian. The pair did not stop smiling or saying "I love you" the entire day. It was the most beautiful, romantic, happy day.

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