Couples Session at the Paint Mines Interpretive Park in Calhan, Colorado

Ever since I started doing photography, I had been dying to shoot at the Paint Mines! I found out very quickly once I started booking sessions that I would need to do some research to find new and exciting location options. In my research, the Paint Mines was the most unique location in the state! Nothing against the stunning mountain backdrops our state has to offer, but I had to take advantage of the stunning landscape the Paint Mines has to offer!

I have known Lauren and Jared for years as Lauren is my younger sister's best friend! The pair has been together since their junior year of high school and have since graduated college and moved to California together! Once I found out they were moving to California, I knew I had to shoot with them one last time... and I knew it had to be at the Paint Mines!

It was mid-July and the weather was perfect! I have since been to the Paint Mines in December and April and winds and temperatures were almost unbearable. The couple planned three outfits for the shoot, each as bad ass as the last! My personal favorite, Lauren's flowing red dress looked epic in front of the white mines.

We continued shooting until the sun was about to set, taking a few last photos after hiking up the steep hill to the parking lot. The sun peeking through the couple before setting looked stunning in black and white!

If you're interested in booking a less typical session or elopement in Colorado, the Paint Mines is the PERFECT choice! Let's do this!