My name is Samantha, but most people call me Sam!

I'm a lover of love and self-expression. I'm known for laughing at literally everything, and doing so very loudly- haha! I'm fully addicted to Starbucks' vanilla sweet cream cold brew, I find it entirely impossible to keep my room clean for more than 2 days, and I think it's hilarious to comment as if I were my dog when I'm logged in to her instagram! I'm true crime obsessed, but low key terrified to live life because of it... I LOVE to binge watch TV shows, but feel a deep sadness whenever a show comes to an end. I have cried more than once wondering if my dog will ever have any idea how much I love her, I use way too many exclamation points, I'm very jumpy, annnnnd I'm not ashamed to admit I've watched Grey's Anatomy four times!! Oh, and I'm lgbtq+ affirming!!!

Most of all, I'm a wedding and portrait photographer passionate about capturing the essence of your love stories through photographs! I live to capture the in-between, unposed, raw moments between you and your love :)

As you can probably tell from the abundance of photo sessions I have dragged Mason along to, I've always been obsessed with having photos as keepsakes. This obsession is probably why I have over 20,000 photos on my phone (2k of which are of my dog alone haha!) I believe photography is a beautiful way to preserve life's most precious moments, big or small. The boxes upon boxes of photos I have stored in my home are 100% the first thing I would grab in a fire!!


Photographs are perfect, tangible memories, and I want to create some for you!

  Whether it's your wedding day, an anniversary or just another day in the life, I promise we will have so much fun! My photos are designed to celebrate you and this beautiful life of yours, and I cannot wait to get to know you!!


Let's create something beautiful together!

Samantha Ruscher Photography

Colorado Wedding & Portrait Photographer